XDA Atom Reviews

XDA Atom Reviews MobileWhack has reviewed the O2 XDA Atom and write: “The 2-megapixel camera with flash (1600×1200 pixels) can do video capture a 320×240 pixels. But the camera is very slow, it takes ages to fire up the camera application. The camera has a 8X zoom and the picture on the viewfinder looks really clear. Photo files are stored in the JPEG format and another good thing about the camera is that picture frames are good for livening up your pictures, especially when you want to send a photo to a friend via MMS, or to simply store it on a regular computer or photo website.”

Mtekk has written an extensive review for the XDA Atom, here’s the tiny bit about the devices camera: The built-in camera is a true 2 megapixel camera. It has a built-in LED strobe flash, and can take still pictures or short video. Although the camera specs look good on paper, indoor shots are below average – just like all Pocket PC’s. Outdoor shots are quite good. The colour closely represents the true scene, which is a huge improvement on my old XDA II. There is one downside to this camera and application – the user needs to keep the camera absolutely still while taking the photo, otherwise badly skewed pictures result.

Cool Tech Zone has also reviewed the O2 XDA Atom, their review is extensive but here’s just a snippet from the summary: The XDA Atom is minute, but not so minute that it hampers usability. There are definitely shortcomings to this device, as we’ve pointed out earlier. Some of them are are so glaringly obvious that they have to be oversights. There are three key things in the XDA Atom that were upgraded from the Mini Wi-Fi connectivity, the 2-megapixel camera and Windows Mobile 5.0. Sadly though, only one of them, Wi-Fi, works as well as you would expect it to. The OS and the camera are complete letdowns, however.

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