UTStarcom XV6700 Reviews

PCMag has reviewed Verizon’s UTStarcom XV6700 and write about the device’s camera: “The XV6700’s camera is flexible, able to save photos in uncompressed BMP or compressed JPEG formats. Our test images were good overall; a little less noisy, but darker than the PPC-6700’s shots. Outdoor photos were fine, with some purple haloing around white areas. We were very disappointed by the 1.3-second shutter delay, though, which will deter spur-of-the-moment snapshots. The video mode records 10-frames-per-second, 320-by-240 videos in 3GPP or MPEG4 format.”

Mobiletechreview have reviewed the UTStarcom XV6700, here’s what they say about the Verizon XV6700’s camera: HTC isn’t known for their integrated camera image quality.

That’s changed with the UTStarcom XV6700 and PPC-6700 whose 1.3 megapixel cameras actually take nice photos. Colors are fairly accurate with a shot of added purple to magenta which can make skin tones overly pink and the blue car below turned purple. Light balance is good unless the subject is in strong sunlight in which case it will white out, and noise is at a minimum for well-lit outdoor and indoor shots. The camera can take photos in JPEG and BMP format up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, and has an LED flash that helps low light shots a bit, but not much. Turn on the flash and it stays on until you turn it off, and thus it works with photos and video- in fact it makes a great impromptu flashlight. The camera has a macro mode slider switch that surrounds the lens and it helps a bit when taking close ups. In addition, the phone can shoot videos with audio at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 in MPEG4 (best choice for quality, compatibility with Windows Media Player and small file size), Motion JPEG AVI and 3GPP2 formats. Videos aren’t too jerky but do show noise even in well lit settings and audio volume is low.

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