T-Mobile MDA Reviews

Newsfactor has posted a T-Mobile MDA review, and conclude that: “Available for US$299 after rebates, the new T-Mobile MDA is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a data-capable smartphone with both Wi-Fi capabilities and a Qwerty-style keyboard. However, those who primarily need a cell phone would be better off purchasing a handset that has a dedicated telephone keypad.”

MobileTechReview has reviewed the T-Mobile MDA and write: “Its 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera takes attractive photos by camera phone standards with relatively little noise under good lighting and it has reasonable colour accuracy with a very, very faint purple tint. It lacks the UTStarcom XV6700’s unappealing heavy purple tint, and differs only from the Cingular 8125 in that faint tint colour (the 8125 has a faint blue tint rather than purple, likely due to carrier preferences and resulting tweaks to the camera app’s image processing) . Photos could use more sharpening, but that’s easily handled with your favourite desktop image editing program. Try to take a photo at twilight or in dim indoor conditions and you will see grain, but sizing the photo down or using a noise reducing filter on your computer can turn out usable images. The camera’s LED flash isn’t useful unless you’re very close to your subject (living subjects will hate you because the flash is blinding and constant), but it makes a wonderful flashlight. Turn on the flash in the camera application and it stays on until you turn it off or exit the camera app.”

CNET has reviewed the T-Mobile MDA, here’s an excerpt about the MDA’s camera: Image quality from the T-Mobile MDA’s camera was ho-hum. Our snapshots boasted rich colour but looked noticeably murky compared with those of similar 1.3-megapixel camera phones we’ve tested. Our video clips were especially dull and jittery, even more so than those of other handset-based camcorders we’ve seen.

Infosync has reviewed the T-Mobile MDA, here’s a little about the device’s camera: The T-Mobile MDA is the little communicator that could. Granted, it’s void of fancy features such as high-resolution screens and 3G, but it manages to strike a fine balance between having just enough of the ones that really matter and size. Highlights include a first-rate thumbboard, near all-encompassing connecvitity and excellent battery life, whereas modest performance and limited memory should make power users think twice before purchasing the T-Mobile MDA. Everyone else, however, are likely to find themselves superbly pleased.

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