Sprint PPC-6700 Reviews

Laptop Mag has reviewed the Sprint PPC-6700 and writes: “Our biggest gripe with this PDA/phone combo is its display. Yes, it looks great indoors, but we could barely make out the numbers on the Phone screen outside on a sunny day. You’ll either have to hold the PPC-6700 at the right angle to see the onscreen dial pad or slide open the keyboard and use the numeric keys.”

ComputerWorld has reviewed Sprint’s PPC-6700 and writes: “As a phone, the PPC-6700 worked fine, but don’t expect great sound from the puny speakerphone embedded on the back. It’s got the usual calling features, including Caller ID, speed dial and mute, but oddly, no support for voice dialling. However, you can shell out $40 for Microsoft Voice Command, which runs on this pocket PC device. If you want to take advantage of high-speed EV-DO, check Sprint’s Web site to make sure there’s coverage in the areas you frequent.”

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