Nokia 9300 Smartphone Reviews

Nokia 9300 Smartphone coming soon.

Nokia today announced the Nokia 9300 Smartphone. With voice and data capabilities, the Nokia 9300 Smartphone provides a all-in-one device for users.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone is a slim and elegant. When opened, the Nokia 9300 Smartphone reveals a full keyboard and colour screen that can be viewed from almost any angle, at a desk or on the move. The voice functionality of the Nokia 9300 Smartphone is superior when compared to most data-centric devices that combine PDA-like features with a mobile phone. Additionally, the compact design of the Nokia 9300 makes it effortless to use with either hand.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone will appeal to a wide range of professionals who want powerful functionality from a data-enabled device without compromising the look, comfort, simplicity and usability of a standard mobile phone,

said Niklas Savander, senior vice president of Nokia’s business device unit.

We believe the Nokia 9300 Smartphone strikes that balance in one stylish smartphone, without sacrificing the combined functionality that many people require but until now could only get from carrying multiple products.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone features one-touch access to personal information and office applications through eight dedicated function buttons on the device’s integrated keyboard. A five-way joystick allows users to easily navigate menus to find the features and functions they need to quickly accomplish tasks and find information.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone incorporates what we know about superior usability, elegant design and powerful functionality,

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. Five party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone and multiple e-mail clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect support, enable seamless and encrypted mobile connectivity in and out of the office. The Nokia 9300 Smartphone also integrates infrared and Bluetooth capabilities, giving users two different ways to wirelessly synchronize their devices to a desktop PC or laptop, as well as exchange data with other mobile devices.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone has 80 MB memory – more than sufficient for storing emails, documents, presentations, text and multimedia messages, ring tones, data files, calendar notes and “to-do” lists – or downloading applications, that are available for the Nokia 9300 Smartphone.

The Nokia 9300 Smartphone should be available during the first quarter of 2005. Nokia will offer two tri-band versions of the Nokia 9300 Smartphone – one optimized for mobile networks in Europe and Asia and one optimized for mobile networks in the Americas, yet both versions are able to roam in GSM networks across regions. 08/09/04

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