Mio A701 Reviews

GPS Passion has reviewed the Mio A701 and write: “Unlike the E-ten G500 that feels a bit like a “brick”, the A701 is a pleasure to carry around and look at, slightly reminiscent of the sleek Qtek S100 and it also comes with a convenient horizontal belt case. While it doesn’t feel as slow as a WM5.0 upgraded Axim x50v it certainly isn’t as “snappy” as the G500 or as the WM2003SE HP hw6515 and can have its slow moments, but remains pleasant overall. GPS fans will be excited by the first and successful implementation of SiRFInstantFix and all will enjoy the added level of comfort it brings. The lack of Edge connectivity and of a physical keyboard will prevent it from replacing my trusty HP hw6515 though.”

Trusted Reviews has reviewed the Mio A701 and write: “The Mio A701 has a tweaked Windows Mobile 5.0 Today screen which offers two ranges of icons to assist with software launching and device management. A tiny row of icons at the bottom right lets you perform a number of things. You can flip the screen to and from landscape mode, see the battery level, manage Bluetooth and go to the close programs menu. From here you can also manually download Ephemeris data (this helps the GPS antenna fix your position more quickly).”

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