i-mate JAM Reviews

Mobile Tech Review has posted an i-mate JAM review and write: “As we’ve noted before, HTC cameras haven’t set the world on fire, though their software is lovely. While the Wizard models have taken a turn for the better with good quality 1.3 megapixel cameras, the JAMin may capture a lot of pixels but the images themselves aren’t very good. The culprit is poor while balance, with photos having an undue blue to purple cast (a white rug captures as mid-blue!). The camera software offers a selection of pre-set white balances in addition to automatic, none of which get it right. Indoor photos are yellow-orange even when incandescent is selected, while outdoor photos can turn rosy-cheeked youths into recent morgue entrants. Sharpness and clarity are decent, but nothing compared to high end 2MP camera phones from Nokia, or even some of their 1.3MP offerings. That said, given the high resolution, once the photos are sized down to VGA or even 800 x 600 resolution, they look quite sharp.”

Pocket Now published an i-mate JAM review and write, a little about the device’s camera: “The i-mate JAMin comes with a new built-in camera that puts other Pocket PC cameras to shame. The Camera application is the same version of the one normally included in the HTC manufactured devices. For some reason it only takes pictures in landscape mode.”

Digital Lifestyles have reviewed the i-mate Jam, here’s a little bit about the phones camera: After six months with the phone (i-mate Jam), we’re still generally pleased with its performance but there are some niggles.

First off, the built in camera is absolutely rubbish. Despite its 1.3 megapixel credentials, we’ve had better results off much lower spec’d camera phones and you certainly won’t be printing out too many snaps captured on the thing.

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