HTC Touch Reviews

Pocket-lint reviews the HTC Touch and writes, “This is a smartphone that will let you reply to messages, but to be honest is more of a check to see what messages have come through rather than suggesting you write lengthy replies – that’s what HTC’s Ameo is for. … So should you invest? Well if you really like the idea of the iPhone but either can’t wait or would prefer a Windows Mobile 6 interface instead, this is going to be the phone for you.”

PocketNow has a review of the HTC Touch and writes, “The 2 megapixel built-in camera has a slightly different interface than previous HTC Camera applications. The camera interface is full of cryptic icons, but you should recognize most of them from using other cameras. It also tends to be quite slow, but this is to be expected. … Photo quality is average for HTC phones these days.”

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