BlackBerry 8700v (Mobilkom)

The BlackBerry 8700v device platform was completely re-engineered to boost performance and features a powerful Intel processor, as well as 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SRAM. The BlackBerry 8700v delivers faster web browsing, application performance and attachment viewing and includes a full QWERTZ keyboard in a new, sleek, lightweight design. It also features premium phone features including dedicated ‘send,’ ‘end’ and ‘mute’ keys, advanced call management features, speakerphone and Bluetooth support for hands-free use with headsets and car kits.

The BlackBerry 8700v features a bright, high resolution LCD display that supports over 65,000 colours and features an intelligent light sensing technology that automatically adjusts the display and keyboard lighting to ensure the brightness is at an optimal level for the user’s environment.

Austrian customers can purchase the new BlackBerry 8700v and benefit from Mobilkom Austria’s fast network to experience the full capabilities of this new device, The BlackBerry 8700v is a great addition to our portfolio of BlackBerry devices for both business and individual customers who need to access information while on the go.

The BlackBerry 8700v, together with Mobilkom high speed EDGE network, delivers a highly responsive user experience when browsing the web, running applications and viewing attachments, We’re extremely pleased to be working with Mobilkom to bring the new BlackBerry 8700v to customers in Austria.

I’m very pleased that the BlackBerry 8700v will be available to Mobilkom mobile customers in Austria. Utilizing the Intel XScale architecture and the Intel PX901 cellular processor, the BlackBerry 8700v enables exceptional wireless communications capabilities and provides users with the increased processing power needed to run a variety of applications without compromising battery life.

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