UTStarcom CDM-8945 Music Phone (Verizon)

UTStarcom CDM-8945 Verizon has announced the availability of the UTStarcom CDM-8945 Music Phone to it’s customers. The MOD and VOD-capable UTStarcom CDM-8945 features Verizon Wireless’ newly launched V CAST Music service, which runs on Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO broadband network, the most award-winning wireless broadband network in the nation.

Using Verizon’s UTStarcom CDM-8945 Music Phone, V CAST Music customers can download music directly to the phone or transfer it from a Windows XP PC. With additional memory of up to 256 MB available on an easily-accessible TransFlash card (not included), UTStarcom CDM-8945 users can have instant access to large playlists of their favourite tunes from V CAST Music anywhere, anytime they carry their shiny, black UTStarcom CDM-8945 handset. Songs purchased from V CAST Music from the PC cost $0.99 and may be transferred to the phone via USB cable. Song purchases made from the UTStarcom CDM-8945 cost $1.99 for a copy sent immediately to the phone and a second sent to the PC for download.

The UTStarcom CDM-8945 is also capable of streaming mobile video and 3D gaming, available through Verizon Wireless’ V CAST service, the nation’s first wireless broadband multimedia service. In addition, the UTStarcom CDM-8945 features a built-in 330K pixel digital camera with flash that can take still images or capture video. Photos can be stored on the TransFlash card and downloaded directly to a PC with a card reader.

The UTStarcom CDM-8945 Music Phone is as innovative as Verizon Wireless’ new V CAST Music. This stylish handset will enable Verizon Wireless to make V CAST Music available to more of its existing and new, music-loving subscribers,

Said Philip Christopher, president of UTStarcom Personal Communications Division.

The distinctive-looking UTStarcom CDM-8945 features dual colour displays. Its 260K-color TFT LCD main screen measuring two inches, provides easy reading and a rich, full-colour experience for optimal viewing of playlists, videos, games, photos, text messages and Web pages. The UTStarcom CDM-8945’s one-inch 65K colour CSTN outer display allows for easy viewing of incoming caller ID, analogue or digital clocks, and message alerts.

UTStarcom CDM-8945 Features

  • Dual Band (800/1900 Mhz, CDMA)
  • 64MB Flash / 32 MB RAM with TransFlash expandable memory up to an additional 256 MB
  • Mobile Web 2.0
  • Supports CMX 4.3 (72 Poly)/EVRC/MIDI/AAC/AAC PLUS/PMD/WMV/WMA audio formats
  • Supports JPEG/GIF/PNG image formats
  • Supports MPEG4 and Windows Media video formats
  • Supports Get It Now and TXT, PIX and FLIX Messaging
  • T9 Predictive Text
  • Phonebook with 500 entries
  • TTY-capable
  • MSM6500 chipset that is E911-capable
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • External volume controls
  • 330 pixel digital camera with external shutter button
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ (h) x 1.9″ (w) x 0.9″ (d)
  • Weight: 4.0 oz.
  • Battery: 1000 mAh Lithium Ion

The UTStarcom CDM-8945 is available today to new and existing Verizon Wireless customers for $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two-year customer agreement.

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