Sony Ericsson Z520a Reviews

PCMag has published a Sony Ericsson Z520a review, here’s a snippet about the mobile phone: “The Sony Ericsson Z520a, which is particularly compatible with Apple computers, synced easily over Bluetooth with iSync, transferring contact, calendar, and even “To Do” information from Address Book and iCal. We could upload and download ringtones and photos from the phone using our Mac’s Bluetooth connection. With third-party software – Salling Clicker – the phone can even work as a remote control for your Mac.

Although you can use your Sony Ericsson Z520a as a PC modem or download your e-mail with the basic, built-in POP3 e-mail client, we wouldn’t recommend it: The phone’s GPRS modem is painfully slow. We got speeds of 33 to 39 Kbps, well below even dialup.”

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