Sony Ericsson W880i Reviews

ENN reviews the Sony Ericsson W880i and writes, “where it falls down is not so much in the device but rather the accompanying software that enables you to transfer photos and music from your phone to your PC. To get this working on my home PC was a task and a half to say the least. After much faffing around I had to give up and try it on my laptop. That worked… eventually. One more thing: the keys are teeny, so people with large fingers should be extra careful when punching in a phone number — they could end up inadvertently calling long-distance.”

TechDigest reviews the Sony Ericsson W880i and writes, “Image quality from the camera is passable, with snaps good enough for sending to friends or emailing around. … The W880i is a sleek, small 3G handset but what it makes up for on style it loses in usability. It’s not that it’s impossible to use, just that it’ll take some time to get used to before you’re fully up to speed. It’s got decent multimedia credentials and surprisingly good sound from the bundled headset. The TrackID music recognition utility is a nifty add-on, though you’re unlikely to use it that much once the novelty wears off. If you can live with its input idiosyncrasies, though, with prices starting from free with contact it’s a good looking, feature packed multimedia mobile.”

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Sony Ericsson W880i and writes, “The W880i is a Tri-band GSM and 3G handset with a front facing camera for video calling. The back facing camera shoots stills at resolutions up to 2-megapixels, lacks flash, auto-focus and a self portrait mirror and I found it rather disappointing. My standard reference photo of the coloured dish shot under ordinary household lighting, lacks brightness and definition and looks washed out. Outdoor shots also failed to give very good colour reproduction, and the camera didn’t seem able to capture much detail despite photos being taken at the Fine rather than Normal quality setting. Photos look OK on the phone, though, and you can switch to showing them in landscape mode with a simple press of a soft-menu key, to take full advantage of the available screen size.”

Pocket-lint reviews the Sony Ericsson W880i and writes, “Now that we’ve had some time to live with and use the phone, our first glance impressions were right. The W880 is a well polished phone that certainly has the wow factor along with a bit of retro styling thrown in for good measure. It’s solid stuff from our Swedish friends. … if music or blogging is your passion, you won’t go far wrong with this Walkman handset, just make sure you have a quick play with the keyboard in the shop before parting with your cash.”

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