Sony Ericsson W810i Reviews

Sony Ericsson W810i Reviews PocketLint has reviewed the Sony Ericsson W810i, and write: “Taking its design cues from previous star performers such as the K750i, the W810i is a vision in matt black. Its compact lines set off by a rather novel soft key and joystick one-two-three combo sitting below an exceptionally clear 262k colour screen. … In use it’s a dream, as long as you like the Sony Ericsson menu system, anyway.”

PCMag have written a Sony Ericsson W810i review and comments on the mobile phone’s camera: “We measured resolution at about 700 lines, which is very good. Outdoor shots were overexposed, with a bit of a haze over the image, and indoor shots didn’t have the punchy colours of the Samsung MM-A800’s 2MP camera. But those problems were quickly fixed in a photo-editing program, and this is still a very good phone camera. The camcorder function was useless, taking 176-by-144 videos at 10 frames per second, like many other cell-phone cameras.”

MobileBurn has published a Sony Ericsson W810i review, here’s a little about the phone’s camera: “The white balance options cover most of the situations that you could expect to encounter: daylight, cloudy, incandescent, florescent, and automatic. The automatic mode handles most outside shots well, but had a few random issues on cloudy days for me. Indoor fluorescent lighting was handled by the auto mode fairly well, but as was the case with the K750 and W800, the automatic mode has serious trouble with incandescent lighting. Fortunately the manual incandescent white balance mode handles those situations well. Compared to the earlier models, though, the W810’s night mode appears to receive a sizeable upgrade in performance. Very low light situations will still be noisy, but less extreme scenes often look noise free and perfectly lit. Night mode can be quickly toggled by pressing on the 7 key when the camera is in use.”

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