Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews

Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews.

Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews A review of the Sony Ericsson W800i by ‘’: Weighing in at a mere 99 g and measuring 100 x 46 x 21 mm, the Sony Ericsson W800i is both slim and light considering its heavy feature set. The Sony Ericsson W800i is the first phone to carry Sony’s Walkman brand, and does so proudly. The larger memory means more songs but still with features galore, just as before.

The clear message is that this is both a phone and an MP3 player. The Sony Ericsson W800i is the first handset made by anyone to carry Sony prestigious Walkman branding.

‘’ have a host of user reviews for the Sony Ericsson W800i, here’s just a snippet of what they have to say: The Sony Ericsson W800i is Sony’s first Walkman branded mobile phone. The huge memory included in the bundle is essential, and the Sony Ericsson W800i offers options to upgrade the MS to an iPod Nano 4GB – with all the functionality of a phone, 2MP camera and a well laid out organiser.

Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews

Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews

‘MPUK’ has a reviewed Sony Ericsson W800i, here’s a little of what they wrote: Launched in August 2005, The Sony Ericsson W800i is virtually the same as the D750i and K750i, the difference being that the Sony Ericsson W800i is Sony Ericsson’s first mobile phone to be Walkman branded. The clear message is that this is both a phone and an MP3 player.

‘FreebiePhones’ is thinking about getting a Sony Ericsson W800i here’s why: At the weekend my mate showed up with a shiny new Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone. I’m a big Motorola fan and I’ve never had a Sony Ericsson mobile but I’m due for an upgrade and rather than going for the common as muck Moto RAZR I’m thinking about switching to another brand. The thing that impressed me most with my mate’s Sony Ericsson W800i was the flash for the camera which doubles as an SOS beacon! Brilliant – so when you’re out of signal range you can still call for help. I’m well impressed.

Sony Ericsson W800i Reviews Mobilewhack review the Sony Ericsson W800i mp3 player features: Included in the Sony Ericsson W800i is a Top Song of All Time Global Search Feature, you can now search through the worlds top 100 songs and find your favourite song, such as “Born in the USA”. You can also vote for your favourite song at

With the heritage of Sony’s world famous Walkman brand, the Sony Ericsson W800i delivers a powerful punch in the digital music market. Delivering up to 30 hours of music listening, songs can be enjoyed through the supplied stereo headphones or the external speaker.

KWG @ Preloved Sony Ericsson W800i’s broke soon after purchase, here’s why: The first Sony Ericsson W800i I was sent as an upgrade became unusable after a few weeks. After perfectly synchronising and transferring music to and from my laptop, suddenly the Sony Ericsson W800i couldn’t be detected by my laptop whenever I connected it. I read many forum sites and it would seem I made the mistake many others had made before; I upgraded the Sony Ericsson W800i’s firmware using the Sony Ericsson site. Don’t do it!! If you buy a Sony Ericsson W800i, leave it as it is and don’t be tempted to check it’s up-to-date using this service.

Design Technica has reviewed the Sony Ericsson w800i, here’s an excerpt about the phone’s camera: A 2.0 mega-pixel camera in a cell phone is a wonderful thing. I haven’t used my Canon a400 PowerShot in a while now that I have this Sony Ericsson w800i. The camera lets you flip the phone on its side where a dedicated shutter button lays. You then can use the phone like a true camera using the 262k-color screen as a beautiful viewfinder. Video comes out pretty decent in the right conditions and is probably as good as you’re going to get for a while as far as cell phones go. However, the Sony Ericsson w800i shines with stills. The quality is unbeatable, hands down. If it’s dark, you can use the amazingly bright LED-flash to keep your picture quality high. I have actually used my w800i to take pictures with, gone right to a local camera shop, taken out the 512MB Memory Stick Duo card, and gotten 4×6 prints made. The result? Amazing prints that you could never tell were taken on a cell phone; keep in mind it won’t fool a photography buff though. The Sony Ericsson w800i’s camera is seriously it’s best feature that makes everything else pale in comparison.

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