Sony Ericsson W550i Reviews

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Sony Ericsson W550i Review by ‘3G’, here’s a little about the Sony Ericsson W550i’s design: Like the W800i, the Sony Ericsson W550i has that distinctive burnt orange finish, which has now become synonymous with the Walkman brand, but, while the W800i carried a subtle orange trim, our review version of the new Sony Ericsson W550i looks like it has really been ‘tangoed’. But, if that’s a little bit much for you there is a silver or a blue option to choose from. The Sony Ericsson W550i is a little bulkier than its elder candy-bar sibling and features a swivel-design, incorporating a covered keypad, which is revealed by rotating the fascia 180 degrees.

Sony Ericsson W550i Review

‘Lord Percy’ has written a review for the Sony Ericsson W550i, here’s the bit about the camera: The Sony Ericsson W550i does sport a camera, this one a 1.3 mega pixel one which although it has auto focus, its not a patch on the excellent one on the Sony Ericsson K750. Apart from the drop in resolution, it also struggles in low light and we don’t mean near darkness, an overcast day will defeat it.

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