SLVR L7 Reviews

Designtechnica has added a Motorola SLVR L7 review, their not all that happy about the phone’s VGA camera: “As you’d expect, the VGA camera is useless in anything but bright sunlight, especially since there is no flash – but we doubt anyone would buy the SLVR for its picture taking capability. The SLVR L7’s 12-hour music playback battery life (6 hours/17 day talk/standby), is only two hours shorter than the Nano.”

Mobiledia have reviewed the Motorola SLVR L7, their review is extensive and covers several pages. On one of the many pages they look at the SLVR L7’s music playing capabilities, here’s just a snippet: “As the world’s second phone to feature Apple’s iTunes software (the first being the Motorola ROKR E1), the SLVR L7 merges music and communication in multitasking in harmony, allowing users to listen to tracks while sending text messages, snapping, or checking email. Music is paused when incoming calls occur.

Giving users access to the worlds most popular MP3 music service, the SLVR L7 lets them take their favorite full length tracks wherever they go. Just like having an iPod, the SLVR L7’s iTunes interface conveniently scrolls through playlists, songs, and even with accompanying album art.”

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