Sanyo SCP-2400 Phone (Sprint PCS Vision)

Sanyo SCP-2400 Phone The Sanyo SCP-2400 is now available from Sprint and supports services like PCS Vision, PCS Ready Link, SMS Voice and Text Messaging, and Wireless Backup. The Sanyo SCP-2400 also features the optional Sprint Family Locator service too which uses GPS technology, to track a mobile device. After a child is located, the child is notified by SMS and the parent is provided with a detailed map.

The SCP-2400 phone is available in colours like Silver Sky, Midnight Black, Dark Bronze, True Blue and Misty Rose and will be ready to buy next month (July 2006) for the price of $179.99 (USD), or $29.99 (USD) after rebate with a two-year subscriber agreement.

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