Sanyo MM-7500 Reviews (Sprint)

The Sanyo MM-7500 is now available to Sprint’s customers, PC Mag have written a review for the Sanyo MM-7500 Power Vision Phone. here’s a little about the phones reception: Sanyo has built its reputation on reception quality and volume. The (Sanyo) MM-7500 gets excellent reception, and it’s very loud—even uncomfortably so—at maximum volume (some people prefer that, though). The volume will especially appeal to users of Sprint’s push-to-talk Ready Link system. That said, the audio isn’t particularly sharp. It’s a bit booming, in fact, especially at higher volumes.

The volume also came in handy while watching Sprint TV and while listening to music downloaded through the provider’s PCS Power Vision service. Live TV channels such as Fox News and ABC News Now looked very sharp, though the sound was often out of sync with the mouth movements of the talking heads…

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