Samsung ZV30 (Vf)

The Samsung ZV30 lightweight clamshell phone is now available to Vodafone customers.

Samsung ZV30 The Samsung ZV30 is a genuine multimedia mobile phone. The Samsung ZV30 has a display with a resolution of 176×220 pixels and 262,144 TFT colours, which ensures that Vodafone Mobile TV is not just shown on a matt screen, but on a brilliant mini screen. The Samsung ZV30 perfectly displays the sports, news, movie trailers and TV series shown on the now 17 Vodafone Mobile TV channels. The integrated CMOS digicam delivers images with a resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels. The Samsung ZV30’s camera lens can also be swivelled for videotelephony applications.

Music fans can use the Samsung ZV30 for Vodafone Music Downloads whenever they like and wherever they happen to be. The Samsung ZV30’s integrated MP3 player delivers excellent sound quality. The Samsung ZV30 also offers plenty of memory to store photos, videoclips and music files. The Samsung ZV30’s 40 MB internal memory and up to 256 MB of optional external memory (Trans-Flash cards) can store large volumes of data.

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