Samsung Upstage Reviews reviews the Samsung Upstage and writes, “Overall, it’s a great phone and definitely has that cool factor. I think Samsung could have included a bigger screen on the phone side and the built-in speaker leaves something to be desired, but for the price point I think it’s a great buy. I also like the extra touches such as the included “flip the phone” instruction that pops up on screen when you press the flip button.”

Infosync reviews the Samsung UpStage and writes, “The Samsung UpStage is such a unique flip, it seems almost more a design study than a retail phone. To be blunt, we did not appreciate the flip design. It did not make the music playing experience better, and it did not add to the ease and enjoyment of using the phone. Except for music features, which are controlled completely by the music side, every other feature was hurt either by the inconvenient flipping, the small screen, or the touch sensitive controls. If the design truly appeals to you, the phone has few major flaws besides this point. Music sounds good, and we like that Samsung includes a headphone adapter. Calls sound good, though not great, and other 3G features worked very well, including streaming movies on Sprint TV. Still, though we applaud a leap in design, we just don’t think we’re up for making the jump ourselves.”

MobileBurn reviews the Samsung UpStage and writes, “The 1.3 megapixel camera on the UpStage works decently. It has a wide assortment of settings, including a rarely found manual white balance mode that lets you set the white balance based on a photograph taken of a white subject, such as a piece of paper. All of our sample photos were shot at the full 1.3 megapixel resolution and the highest quality setting. … Yes, the UpStage has the basic ingredients to be a fantastic music phone. Said ingredients were just put together in the wrong way. It will probably suit a certain demographic of users, I’m sure. But for me, the UpStage is far too Mr. Hyde and not enough Dr. Jekyll. I have to give it a “Not Recommended” rating due to its myriad usability issues.”

MobileTechReview reviews the Samsung Upstage and writes, “The Samsung UpStage has a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera that can take both still images and video. When taking still photos, the camera software offers the usual set of features including self-portrait mode, self timer (5 seconds), brightness, white balance, color and quality settings. You can also turn off the shutter sound and you can use the photos taken with the camera as wallpapers, caller ID images or send as picture mail. You can also shoot photos in wide screen mode. The quality of photos taken with the phone is overall good for a 1.3 MP camera. The photos look quite sharp with good details and exposure. The colors are saturated and mostly correct. The biggest issue is white out. We are not surprised when 1.3mp camera phones white out yellows on a sunny day, but the yellow tulip shot in our sample was taken on a very cloudy day. You will also see pronounced white out on Sammy‚Äôs (the cat) belly in this indoor shot also on a cloudy day.”

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