Samsung T509 Reviews

Digital Trends has reviewed the Samsung T509 and write: “Because Samsung decided to cheap out on the camera on this phone, it’s pretty much worthless unless you picture message someone a lot. The VGA-quality pictures look like utter disasters when transferred onto a computer where you can view them in full resolution. Graininess, bad colour, and fuzziness plague every picture taken, no matter what the conditions are. Plus, there’s no flash included on the T509, so forget about taking pictures of anything in the dark.”

CNET has posted a Samsung T509 review, they gave the phone a rating of 7.0 and write: “You can take pictures in four resolutions (640×480, 320×240, 176×132, and 128×96) and you get a good assortment of editing options. There’s a 4X zoom, a brightness control, seven colour effects, spot focus, an ISO setting, 30 fun frames, a self-timer (3, 5, or 10 seconds), a multi-shot option, and a night mode. You can also flip a photo upside down or produce a mirror image. Sound effects are plentiful, with three shutter sounds and options for when you activate the brightness and zoom controls, or you can have no sound. Unfortunately, there’s no silent shutter option. Finally, you can program the navigation controls and keypad buttons to act as shortcuts to various photo-editing options–a nice touch.”

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