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Laptop Mag has a mini review for the Samsung t309 and write: “The screen doubles as a viewfinder for the reasonably sharp VGA camera, and we had no problem sending an image to an e-mail address. The call quality on T-Mobile‚Äôs network was only fair, and we noticed that some words sounded a little garbled on our test voicemail message.”

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Also capable of video playback on its 65K TFT internal colour display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, the Samsung T309 sports a monochrome external display to provide users with basic information.

A number of applications are offered by the Samsung T309, including a microbrowser, calendar, phone book and several games, as well as several small utilities such as a calculator and an alarm clock.

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With a big impression and compact size, the Samsung T309 boasts a camera with 4x digital zoom, video capture and playback on the color screen, and a hands-free speakerphone. Consumers can stay in touch with friends and family through AOL and Yahoo! Instant Messenger, or text, picture, or video messages.

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I received the Samsung T309 in the mail a mere two days after I ordered it. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement because I had been using an old Nokia candybar phone for about 2 weeks since the speaker on my Samsung e105 gave out a mere month after the warranty was up. Needless to say, I was approaching this purchase with alot of enthusiasm and was not looking to be critical.

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The Samsung T309 sports a slim, sleek clamshell design with a large 128 x 160 color display with 65,000 colors. A supplementary, 96 x 96 monochrome screen on the front of the cover keeps you up to speed on time, date, call information, battery and signal strength, and more. Up and down buttons for volume control are placed on the left side, and there’s also a button for quick access to camera functions. Most of the Samsung T309 features and on-screen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset’s control pad. There’s also a standard jack to accept universal hands-free headsets, while the Samsung T309 charging and data ports are placed on the bottom of the unit. And because the Samsung T309 antenna is housed inside the phone, there’s nothing to snag or break off.

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The sleek Samsung T309 Metro for T-Mobile is an everyday phone for everyday people! One of the smallest, most lightweight phones ever released for T-Mobile is packed with useful features like extra long battery life, color display, external display and built-in speakerphone. Plus, you can take print-quality photos and short video clips and share them with friends along with text messages. If what you want is a good, small and functional phone, check out the Samsung T309 Metro for T-Mobile.

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I just upgraded to the Samsung T309 and so far I like what I see. The Samsung T309 has a sleek look, nice colorful screen, lots of extras. Reception doesn’t seem to have changed from my prior phone (Samsung E105) which was very good. Not too many wallpapers or ring tones to choose from. But if thats important to you just download them from Tmobile.
The only thing I don’t like about the Samsung T309 is the phonebook.

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