Samsung SPH-V6800 (Synaptics)

Samsung SPH-V6800 now available with Synaptics’ MobileTouch interface.

Synaptics, a leading developer of interface solutions for mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices, today announced the launch of a MobileTouch interface solution for the Samsung SPH-V6800 mobile phone.

The Samsung SPH-V6800 is a slider phone featuring access to the cellular network as well as a WiFi 802.11b network. Synaptics provides a custom-designed capacitive keypad that is located beneath the LCD on the face of the phone. The keypad helps users to connect the internet easily via WiFi network, and to provide quick access to carrier services such as application downloads, streaming video, and live broadcasts. In addition, the keypad provides easy to use menu navigation and short cuts to the Samsung SPH-V6800’s PIM applications.

Our MobileTouch interface solution for the Samsung SPH-V6800 is an example of how Synaptics technology can enable advanced industrial design,

explains Clark Foy, vice president of marketing at Synaptics.

Our MobileTouch products replace the need for mechanical buttons by providing navigation and keypad functionality in a durable, ultra-thin touch sensor.

Samsung is focused on creating user-friendly interfaces and incorporating leading-edge features into our mobile phones,

explains Jake Park, Principal Engineer, Samsung.

With Synaptics, we were able to create an easy-to-use interface that provides quick access to the Internet and other phone features

Samsung SPH-V6800 Availability

The Samsung SPH-V6800 is currently available through KTF in Korea.

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