Samsung SGH-D600 Reviews

Samsung SGH-D600 reviews from around the web.

MobileBurn write about the Samsung SGH-D600 functionality: Samsung’s SGH-D600 does pretty well when it comes to base phone functionality. For one, it has quad band GSM support, which means it should work pretty much anywhere in the world where GSM is used. Reception on the 1900Mhz band on T-Mobile USA was pretty good in my area, as was the call audio quality. That holds true for the built-in speakerphone function as well. The battery managed a whopping 8 hours and 25 minutes of continuous talk time, which is quite good.

Mobile Review write about the Samsung SGH-D600 design and dimensions: The Samsung SGH-D600 design has much in common with the E630; otherwise this impression appears when you see the official photos of the new device. There is some line similarity, but not more. Really, the devices are much different, the E630 is more elegant and smaller, and this is what attracts its customers. The D600 has the same outlines, but is comparable to the Samsung SGH-D600 in size – 96×46.5×21.5 mm. The weight of both models is equal – 99 grams. There is no curve in the centre of the device, it is ordinary, and that stresses the similarity with the D500.

More on the Samsung SGH-D600’s design from CNET: Sitting the Samsung SGH-D600 beside the D500, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart when they’re both switched off. However, on powering up the Samsung SGH-D600, it is undeniable that the screen is brighter and more colorful. The Samsung SGH-D600 has a matte, rubber-like grip on the back and sides when compared to its predecessor’s shiny and fingerprint-prone case. That’s not to say the Samsung SGH-D600 is immune from smudges; the large 262K-colour display quickly becomes a little blurry if you use your thumb to slide out the keypad.

Stuart Miles at pocket-lint is addicted to using the Samsung SGH-D600’s slider: Just like Chelsea Football Club’s manager, the Samsung SGH-D600 is a suave and sophisticated phone that comes across as one cool cucumber. But does the phone have the features to match or is it all style and no substance?

We have to admit it, we love the Samsung SGH-D600. Its black curvy lines, the large screen and the sliding motion ensure this phone oozes with style. The slider has to be one of the best balanced we’ve seen and you won’t be able to stop yourself sliding it backwards and forwards even when you’re not making a call. The nearest thing we can relate it to is trying to push two repelling magnets together. Lovely.

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