Sagem myW-7

Sagem myW-7 The Sagem myW-7 features 3G/UMTS offering data transfer speeds up to 384KB per second which delivers a smoother Internet experience, quicker email and MMS-photo sharing, together with high-speed music and video download power.

The Sagem myW-7 incorporates two cameras to provide video calling and still image capturing. It can even switch seamlessly between cameras to change the viewpoint: another of the reasons why the Sagem myW-7 is gifted with ubiquity. The large display (176 x 220 pixels, 256k colours) provides hi-fi rendering of the images captured through the VGA-resolution (300k pixels) video-call dedicated camera, loyally conveying the users expressions and emotions. Now that the Sagem myW-7 features video streaming from multimedia servers, you can watch TV while you’re on the move, just like in the films!

The Sagem myW-7 can be joined to a laptop or desktop computer and be used as a mobile modem, which means you can use your computer to browse the Internet even when you’re not at home! The Sagem myW-7 can also be synchronised to the majority of web-based e-mail services.

The data speeds generated by 3G UMTS networks enable the Sagem myW-7 to download video clips, music, ring-tones, photos and other files in a matter of seconds, and in a wide range of formats! The Sagem myW-7 also features Bluetooth, for seamless wireless connection to a wide range of peripherals and accessories, such as photo printer, hands-free kits, etc., multiplying the possibilities for exchange and communication.

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