Sagem my700x

Sagem my700x Sagem my700x 1.3 megapixel camera phone with music player and FM radio announced today.

Sagem has developed the ideal mobile phone for individuals who wish to benefit from audio features with the best quality music while on the go. The Sagem my700x permits you to download your favourite tracks, as well as to enjoy listening to your favoured DJ thanks to the phone’s built in FM radio. With gratitude to EDGE technology, Sagem my700x allows the quickest download capable with the highest quality. The Sagem my700x’s 32Mb internal memory and the availability of expansion through MiniSD cards give the opportunity to listen to Morbid Angel whenever and wherever you like.

The Sagem my700x’s ergonomic design is a source of brilliant user-friendliness – it allows the play-list be easily managed with the ability to sort out songs by author or by style, as well as having quick access to the main functions.

Just by easily pressing a button it’s able to change from one track to another or to link them in the same way as it works with a Hi-Fi as well as viewing the graphic equaliser which enables you to tune the tone of played music.

Music aficionados will treasure the quality of the surround sound through the stereo headphones. The lucky Sagem my700x owner can also relish playing 3D games or browsing emails whilst using the audio player.

The Sagem my700x 1.3 megapixel camera provides high fidelity colours and optimal image resolution. This quad-band mobile phone will accompany you wherever you go! Thanks to the 262k colour screen and to the high capacity provided by EDGE technology, the user will benefit of video-streaming and progressive download features.

Sagem my700x is a fashionista’s wet dream. At a tiny 106×46x15 mm and weighing in at just 95g, it’s one of the thinnest mobile phones to contain EDGE technology. Sagem my700x is compatible with stereo accessories (including bluetooth headsets), enhancing your multimedia experience.

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