Sagem my200X / my201X / my202X

Just because you only need a mobile phone which is easy to use doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the design. This was the design brief which led Sagem to create the my200X, my201X and my202X, compact (104.3 x 43 x 15.5 mm), lightweight (76 g) and rugged mobile phones with strikingly sleek design. The three mobiles aim to cover everyone’s needs.

The main appeal of Sagem my200X is its simplicity: it just follows your fingers and shows you what’s happening! All the main functions can be accessed with just a few key strokes. The colour screen makes the icon-based menu navigation even easier.

The Sagem my201X is WAP-enabled, which means users can surf the Internet. An equally remarkable asset is the option of customizing SMS messages with icons.

The SAGEM my202X completes the package by offering MMS. It also boasts the GPRS function for better-quality high-speed data transfer.

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