PEBL Reviews (u6)

PEBL Reviews (u6) Mobiledia have reviewed the Motorola PEBL U6, here’s just a snippet about the phone’s camera: Activating the PEBL’s integrated 0.3-megapixel camera, the internal display becomes the viewfinder with the lower portion showing available memory and user options. Unfortunately falling short the market standard, the PEBL’s camera is outdated compared to high-end camera phones now progressing past 1.3- to 2.0-megapixels.

Only capable of capturing images up to 480 x 640 px (High) in resolution, other picture sizes include 240 x 320 px (Medium) and 120 x 160 px (Small). The PEBL uses the JPG file format for approximate file sizes of 50 KB, 16K, and 3 KB respectively.

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