Panasonic SA7 Reviews

Panasonic SA7 Reviews Mobile Burn have reviewed the Panasonic SA7, here’s an excerpt from the review, looking at the camera’s 2.0 mega pixel camera and mp3 playback functionality: The Panasonic SA7’s camera is also capable of recording video clips at 176×144 pixel resolution. You can choose to record short 10-second clips to be sent via MMS or email, or you can record video clips to a maximum length of 1-minute. Unfortunately, you cannot record unlimited length video clips. This is probably a good move by Panasonic, as the Panasonic SA7 does not have a memory expansion slot. However, the 32MB built-in memory is good enough for quite a number of photos and clips.

Audio wise, the Panasonic SA7 is capable of MP3 playback, and it can support up to 40 voice polyphonic ringtones. You can also use MP3s as ringtones, however the playback volume on the loudspeaker was soft – a problem that has plagued all recent Panasonic phones. An MP3 clip that plays at deafening levels on another phone sounds weak on the Panasonic SA7. MIDIs, on the other hand, were deafening when the volume was set at maximum.

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