Nokia N95 Phone Reviews

Nokia N95 Phone CNET Australia reviews the Nokia N95 phone and writes, “On the back is a 5-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, auto-focus, and a lens cover switch that activates the camera — again, turning the large and bright screen into a viewfinder. The LED flash isn’t as good as a Xenon flash, like the one found on Sony Ericsson’s K800i, but does a decent enough job for close-range night shots. The pictures we’ve taken on the N95 are, without a doubt, the best we’ve seen from camera-phone to date. Recorded video is excellent, too, at 640×480 pixels and 30fps”

MobileChoice reviews the Nokia N95 phone and writes, “While the Nokia N95’s five-megapixel lens does boast the most of any camera phone (well, apart from LG’s KG920), it just happens to have a top-quality, Carl Zeiss-built lens and a CMOS sensor. Unfortunately, it does process the images with some artefacting, compression and sharpening noise. … The pictures we captured of the river and mill were taken with the Exposure Compensation on +1.0 because the auto setting couldn’t grab the detail and contrast in a low-light environment. ”

Pocket-lint reviews the Nokia N95 phone and writes, “Controlling and changing camera settings again is easy thanks to a combination of on and off screen buttons however we did find considerable time lag between taking a picture and it actually capturing it. This resulted in fast moving subjects being either blurred or out of frame completely and while the 5 megapixel headline might make you think that you can ditch your compact camera we wouldn’t bet on it just yet. Picture quality on the whole is very good.”

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