Nokia 7380 Reviews

Nokia 7380 Reviews Nokia 7380: Sleek and seductive, the etched mirrored surface and discreet keyless dial of the Nokia 7380 invites glances, even stares. A leather cover and a mirrored display subtly mask the sophisticated technology, which includes a 2-megapixel camera and intuitive voice dialing. The centrepiece of the Nokia L’Amour Collection, the Nokia 7380 is aimed at trend-setting men and women who enjoy being the centre of attention – and are willing to spend a little extra on the finer things in life.

Nokia 7380 Features

  • Keyless dial
  • 2-megapixel camera, 4x zoom
  • Enhanced Voice Commands
  • MP3 player

The estimated retail price of the Nokia 7380 is expected to be approximately €500, excluding taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 7380 is expected to be available during the first Quarter of 2006.

The Nokia 7380 will meet the requirements of the upcoming EU environmental legislation. The legislation will take effect in July 2006.

Nokia 7380 Reviews

Jayvee at Cellphone9 has written a Nokia 7380 review and sums up the trendy handset: “The neatest thing about this phone is the LCD screen that morphs out from the silver real estate. Yup, that’s totally cool. …At the end of the day, this phone will make you wanna exclaim, “Damn I wish it had a keypad.”

CNET has reviewed the Nokia 7380 and write: “Despite the higher image quality, it was difficult to note the difference when capturing an image because of the phone’s screen size. As mentioned, the camera can also record video at 176×144 pixels in 3GP format. Resulting images were surprisingly clear and detailed for a camera phone, and the captured videos were good enough, considering its low resolution.”

Nokia 7380 specs from MobileWhack: The Nokia 7380 is a sleek phone with a mirrored surface and, get this, keyless dial. It’s a great thing, however, that Nokia included a 2 megapixel camera on this one.

Mobile-Review write about the Nokia 7380’s design and function: Model Nokia 7380 is the top one in L’Amore collection and maintains the same idea as its predecessor. The unusual form of the small case and precise focusing on female audience makes Nokia 7380 extremely unusual and unique device in the market. The manufacturer emphasizes, that the phone befits both women and men. But I can’t imagine a man using a phone with the similar design. Certainly, there will be some daredevils, but they will only accent that 99 percents of this phone’s users are women.

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