Nokia 7370 Reviews

Nokia 7370 Offering a touch of the unexpected, the Nokia 7370 “swivels” open to reveal its elegantly hidden keypad. Beautiful patterns, etched into the elegant metal trims, are contrasted by leather-inspired faceplates, adding a romantic appeal and an element of the exotic. But it’s not just about the Nokia 7370’s looks – advanced features, like a 1.3-megapixel camera and 3D sound effects, ensure the Nokia 7370 matches current technology with the latest design trends.

The Nokia 7370 is available in the two Nokia L’Amour Collection colour schemes, coffee brown and warm amber, with each Nokia 7370 offering a distinct set of graphics, screensavers and even dedicated camera keys.

Nokia 7370 Features

  • 1.3 megapixel camera, 8x zoom
  • 2-inch QVGA color screen (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Stereo speakers with 3D sound effects
  • Video ring tones

The estimated retail price of the Nokia 7370 is expected to be approximately €300, excluding taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 7370 is expected to be available during the first Quarter of 2006.

The Nokia 7370 will meet the requirements of the upcoming EU environmental legislation. The legislation will take effect in July 2006. 19/10

Nokia 7370 Reviews

MobileWhack write about the Nokia 7370 design and function: You need to swivel Nokia 7370 to open the hidden keypad. The Nokia 7370 is adorned (never thought I’d be using this word to describe a mobile!) with patterns that are etched into the metal trims. I don’t know whose fashion statement this represents, but it definitely isn’t mine. But wait, that’s not all.

Nokia 7370 specs from MobileBurn: The Nokia 7370 is a reasonably light handset, weighing 104g (3.7oz). The Nokia 7370’s large display can be used as the camera’s view finder in landscape mode, and is capable of displaying up to 262k colours. The Bluetooth capable Nokia 7370 runs Nokia’s Series 40 user interface, supports EDGE high-speed data, and will work on the 900, 1800, and 1900Mhz GSM bands found around the world.

Cellphone9 have reviewed the Nokia 7370, here’s what they say: Does the Nokia 7370 spell F-A-S-H-I-O-N? We’ll see. Copying the swivel design from Sony Ericsson, the Nokia 7370 can swivel from either side to 180 degrees. You can’t make the phone do a full 360 though. The keypad is pretty sturdy and it was enough satisfaction that the Nokia 7370 phone didn’t feel cheap and rickety.

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