Nokia 6280 Review

Nokia 6280 Review Pocket Lint has reviewed the Nokia 6280 and finds the phone has good call quality: “Call quality with the 6280 was first rate, both voice and video, and for a handset that offers so many features and such a bright screen, battery life was good, allowing us to get through a hectic social weekend with no problems at all.”

Lord Percy has posted a Nokia 6280 review and like the mobile, here’s a bit about the phone’s camera: “However having a phone that’s good at being a phone just isn’t enough, it has to do more. Luckily the Nokia 6280 does do more, a fair bit more. Perhaps its main selling point is the 2 mega pixel digital camera producing images up to 1600×1200 resolution and there are a number of pre programmed modes, including a low light night mode and a small flash. The gallery application lets you view images that can then be sent as a message or even printed via Nokia’s XpressPrint technology which acts as a PictBridge to compatible printers and photo kiosks.”

3G has published a Nokia 6280 review here’s an excerpt about the phone’s camera: “The Nokia 6280 adopts the dual front camera pose famously pioneered by Sony Ericsson, which lets you handle the phone like a standalone digital snapper. The handset’s size and weight lends itself nicely to this operation. The two-megapixel camera can be fired-up by a dedicated side key and shoots photos in a 1600×1200 resolution. In capture mode the Nokia 6280 lets you intuitively and easily delve into the settings menu to change modes. It really is one of the simplest camera phones to manage. The photos themselves are of consistent quality, showing good detail and colour, but they can be prone to overblown highlights and a lack of focus around the periphery of the composition.”

Info Sync has reviewed the Nokia 6280, here’s a little about the phone’s camera: “The Nokia 6280 also features a 2 Megapixel camera, snapping stills of good quality in daylight and of adequate quality in darker environments. Aiming to assimilate the functions of a dedicated camera, the phone’s display, which acts as a viewfinder, automatically switches to landscape mode when the camera is activated. Its various options are then easily adjusted by means of the action buttons and volume buttons, with the handset also offering video recording at a VGA resolution of 0.3 Megapixel and lower. Both stills and videos can quickly be added to MMS messages from within the camera application.”

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