Nokia 6131

The dapper Nokia 6131 mobile phone delivers a progressive folding design and a sweeping set of features, including a 1.3 megapixel camera and high-quality screen with up to 16 million colours on offer.

With its copious, easy-to-use features, the Nokia 6131 is expected to become a modern classic. The Nokia 6131 cell phone pays careful attention to ergonomics, both in its compact, slim folding design and formally spaced keyboard. Even the ebony soft touch paint and chrome hints make this mobile phone easy on the eye and to touch. At the press of a button, the Nokia 6131 softly opens exposing a grand, high-resolution true colour QVGA screen which can display up to 16 million colours, ideal for viewing rich multimedia content. Furthermore, the external display offers 262K colours.

The Nokia 6131 emphasizes Nokia’s uninterrupted dedication to offer customers a menagerie of advanced solutions to choose from, based on their individual needs and lifestyle.

As part of its broad feature set, the Nokia 6131 enables users the enjoyment of their favourite music with the built-in digital music player and FM stereo radio supporting Visual Radio. Taking and sharing images is easy with the Nokia 6131 phone’s 1.3 megapixel camera, featuring a dedicated camera button and 8x digital zoom. Both the main and cover displays can be used as viewfinder.

Nokia 6131 features

  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Email client supporting attachments
  • Memory card slot for hot-swappable microSD memory card
  • Nokia Xpress audio messaging and push to talk connectivity

The Nokia 6131 quad band GSM/EDGE phone is anticipated to be available to individuals in Europe, Asian, African and select Latin American countries in the second quarter of 2006 at an expected retail price of 275 EUR, excluding taxes and subsidies. A version for North American will be announced later in 2006.

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