Nokia 2875-i Phone

Nokia 2875-i Phone Combining an easily pocketable design with an impressive list of features, the Nokia 2875-i phone is engineered to offer a highly desirable device at a consumer-friendly price. Along with the crisp images delivered by the 1.3 megapixel camera, the Nokia 2875-i phone boasts Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology for compatibility with a wide range of Bluetooth technology enabled devices and accessories and an easy-to-read 128 x 160 pixel 262,144 colour screen for ease-of-use.

To enhance the mobile experience, the Nokia 2875-i phone includes a number of features designed to allow for maximum personalization and fun. Video ring tones and support for “real music” alert tone formats, including MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and more, let owners express themselves through multimedia, while video streaming support, a state-of-the-art wireless Internet browser and an integrated FM radio allow for immediate access to audio, video and web-based entertainment and informational content. The Nokia 2875-i phone measures 4.2 inches long, 1.7 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick (105.5 x 42.5 x 19 mm) and weighs 3.5 ounces (94g).

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