Motorola RAZR V3c Review: MobileBurn

Motorola RAZR V3c Review MobileBurn has published a Motorola RAZR V3c review, here’s an excerpt about the razor phone’s camera: “The camera that is used in the V3c appears to be the similar to the one used in the Motorola V710 that Verizon offered in the past. While the (Motorola RAZR) V3c’s camera doesn’t over-saturate the colours like the V710 did, it does have that same soft focus and somewhat “blocky” look to it caused by the JPEG compression algorithm – even though all of our test shots were taken at the highest quality setting. You can tell from the sample photos that the camera is not suitable for nearby subjects, such as the case in portraits, since the subject will be out of focus. On the other hand, the white balance is spot on in most cases. The automatic white balance setting is good enough that you can basically ignore the manual settings for white balance, which is always nice.”

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