Motorola PEBL Special-Edition

Motorola makes its annual stroll along the scarlet carpet on Hollywood’s greatest evening by preserving its habit of offering an unavailable, modern Motorola PEBL special-edition mobile phone to the Academy Award candidates in the top directing and four acting categories. In accolade, the 78th Annual Academy Award nominees will pick up a Motorola PEBL special-edition phone in a gunmetal colour finish – the only punters to have this model. Incorporating advanced technology with forward-looking design, the Motorola PEBL special-edition is sure to help the nominees stand out and shine on their big night. Receivers will also get Motorola’s new H700 Bluetooth headset and three months of T-Mobile wireless service. T-Mobile USA is the privileged provider of the PEBL phone.

Continuing with Motorola’s conventional Oscar phone crusades, the Academy Award’s directing and acting nominees’ Motorola PEBL special-edition phone is pre-package in a custom made, keepsake box. This year’s box is remindful of a classic movie theatre ticket and is individualised with the category and name of each nominee in recognition of their acknowledgement by the Academy.

Enlivened by the feel of a stone worn smooth by water, the Motorola PEBL special-edition captures attention for its forward-looking design with rounded edges, a portrait outer display and one-of-the-kind dual-hinge mechanism for casual, easy opening. Its smooth and sophisticated feel presents a timeless elegance with a unique finish sure to garner notice. In addition to the eye-catching shape, the feature-forward Motorola PEBL special-edition is fully functional allowing users to browse the World Wide Web, share multimedia files and includes integrated Bluetooth technology.

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