Motorola MOTORIZR Z3 Reviews

Digital Trends reviews the Motorola MOTORIZR Z3 and writes, “Picture quality (both indoors and out) is above average in sharpness and colour accuracy, but lacks deep blacks or contrast, which is about average for cell cams. There’s a perfect nanosecond delay between pushing the shutter button and the image being captured, just enough time to steady the phone to ensure a clean shot. The video light does illuminate objects up to a couple of feet away, but if you’re too close to your subject, you’ll over-saturate the image.”

Infosync reviews the MOTORIZR Z3 and concludes, “Perhaps the RIZR is a simple choice. It is a very slick design, solid and well executed, and it does a good job making phone calls. If that’s all you want, the RIZR is a good choice and a solid step into the slider arena for Motorola. Once you start exploring the advanced functions, the phone becomes less satisfying. The menu is a bit dated, both in its look and its organization. The multimedia functions are there, but are either too basic or, in the case of A2DP, didn’t work properly. The lack of 3G on T-Mobile’s network will also keep die-hard streaming audio and video fans away. Still, it’s a pretty phone with a nice coat of paint, it gets strong reception, and calls sound good, so if that’s all you need, the RIZR will be a satisfying choice.”

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