Motorola i580 iDEN phone

Motorola yesterday revealed the Motorola i580, the latest iDEN mobile phone to respond to the call for a highly-durable, fashionable, furnished handset. It is the first robust iDEN clamshell phone developed to meet stringent military conditions for blustery rain, dust, shock and vibration and to be improved with an far-reaching multimedia experience, which includes Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, video and messaging. The Motorola i580’s hard-wearing design and rubber over mould can endure even the toughest day on the job or the most challenging outdoor activities, for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Additionally, consumers can enjoy numerous “push-to” functions that make for a really satisfying push-to talk (PTT) experience.

Through its iDEN technology, Motorola prolongs to redefine “Push To Talk”, and the Motorola i580 is no exception. Fitted out with new “Push-To-Smart Replies” functionality, users can now reply to PTT calls with either a custom or preset text message, allowing PTT communication with other Motorola i580 users in situations where voice communication would be unsuitable, such as in meetings, libraries, during flights etc.

The Motorola i580 will be available to buy during the second quarter of 2006, details of the phones price are currently unavailable.

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