LG VX8600 Reviews

LG VX8600 MobileBurn reviews the LG VX8600 and finishes with, “I was pretty pleased in general by the results I obtained when taking photos with the VX8600’s built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. While it lacks autofocus, it still managed to take pretty nice photos of both scenery and people alike. Even the close-up shots came out better than I expected, and the automatic white balance system seemed to work better than on most other cameraphones. Video recording is limited to 15 second long clips at 176×144 pixel resolution, which is not very impressive. At least the user can switch between picture and video modes very quickly by pressing on the camera button that is located on the edge of the flip. I also liked how the external display is configured by default to show what the camera is seeing. This helps with self-portraits and is also fun for the subject of your photograph or video.”

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