LG VX-9800 Reviews

LG VX-9800 Reviews Sci-Tech Today has reviewed the LG VX9800 and they write: “Turning the phone around reveals a highly capable 1.3-megapixel camera, with built-in flash and 4x zoom, that can double as a business-card scanner.”

PCWorld has written a review for the LG VX9800 and write: “The camera sports a horizontal orientation to mimic the look and feel of a point-and-shoot digital camera (this is a design trait that Sony Ericsson phones were first to offer). A dedicated button on the side panel initiates the camera and works as a shutter button. But when I pressed it a few times, the camera still wouldn’t power up. After reading the manual, I discovered that you must press and hold the button for about 4 seconds in order to go into camera mode-not very intuitive.”

Mobile Tracker has also posted a LG VX9800 review and write: “The megapixel camera on the LG VX9800 takes pretty good shots (see photo section below), but I took issue with its position. It’s on the back of the phone while it’s closed. This means that while opened the camera is pointing to the ground, probably with your finger covering it. So for best results you’ll have to stick with taking pictures with the phone closed, using the small external screen to preview your shots. However in one circumstance, the business card scanner, that isn’t possible.”

Mobile Tech Review has reviewed the LG VX9800, and summarises: “US camera phones aren’t generally anything to write home about, though Nokia’s megapixel offerings are quite nice. What a pleasant surprise the VX9800’s 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera was. Better than the LG VX8100’s and even one of my personal favourites, the Nokia 7610, the VX9800 takes very sharp photos with good colour accuracy and lighting. Like most cameras, it does best in moderate to well lit environments, though low light shots taken with and without the flash aren’t horribly grainy but they do lose some colour. In general, the camera takes photos that look good on your monitor, not just the phone’s LCD and they’re worth saving.”

The NC Times has reviewed the LG VX9800, and find: “A stunning amount of engineering has gone into this phone, making it surprisingly easy to use. I found the phone’s functions set up intuitively, so you won’t need to consult a manual to use it. The buttons and software controls give you step-by-step information to guide users.”

Keith Reed, of the Boston Globe, has written a LG VX-9800 review and comments: “The 9800’s brilliance is not in functionality; it does mostly what any other cell phone can. But it makes a huge leap in design, cleverly folding in a huge, attractive LCD screen, two speakers, and a standard keyboard into a package that’s barely thicker than the average clamshell-style phone.”

PC Magazine has reviewed the LG VX9800 and write: “The VX9800’s 1.3-megapixel CCD camera is excellent, the best we’ve seen on a phone so far. Images are sharp and colours are true. We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the video-recording mode, as well, which takes 320-by-240 videos up to 15 seconds long at 13.75 frames per second. The camera also sort of works as a business-card scanner.”

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