LG S5000 Reviews

The LG S5000 has just been released in China, here’s a little of what Phoney World think of LG’s latest handset: Coming to the handset in question, the LG S5000 ; it does full-fill the basic requirements of being sleek and stylish. The jet black glossy finish I assume can be taken as to be in “touch with the feminine side”. The smooth uninterrupted design of the LG S5000 is undoubtedly attractive, so we will leave the “metrosexual” being at that. The handset has the decent feature set that’s necessary for any cell phone in today’s day and age. The clamshell has Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera lens (supported by flash). The clamshell has two displays, the primary one is colour while the outer secondary display is a simple smaller two colour display.

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