LG KG920 Reviews

LG KG920 Mobile-Review has published a LG KG920 review, here’s an excerpt about the phone’s camera: “There are two ways of preparing for shooting. First one is plain and simple – just release the shutter and the camera will automatically start up, under condition the keyboard is not locked. The other one is to execute the corresponding application for the menu. These two methods take a while. When you have the camera on, you will spot that the viewfinder features icons along the edges, which inform you about the applied setting. Many will relish the fact that the all settings of the camera are held out. Some paparazzos are fond of jumping at the chance, however handsets don’t let them take a fast picture. Here they will face a completely different approach, though that is still far away from digital cameras. Over the already mentioned delay, one should add 2-3 second more, depending on the scene, which will be required for focusing, whereupon a user can trigger off the camera. On the whole in order to take a picture using the maximum resolution, you will need from 8 to 10 seconds and after this the camera will be ready for the next one. On the other hand pictures with the lowest resolution require only 3-4 seconds to be taken.”

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