HTC Mogul Reviews

LaptopMag reviews the HTC Mogul and writes, “We don’t have many complaints about the 2-MP camera. Some indoor shots had a reddish cast, but overall we were impressed with the amount of detail the Mogul delivered. Okay, we lied about not having complaints. The zoom doesn’t work at the highest resolution. Videos recorded with the camcorder function were virtually jitter-free when played back on our notebook. Just don’t expect YouTube-worthy footage; the maximum resolution is only 176 x 144 pixels.”

MobileTechReview reviews the HTC Mogul and writes, “The Mogul has a 2 megapixel CMOS camera with an LED flash. Though the final press release we received states that the camera has an autofocus lens, we saw no evidence of this: there’s no on-screen focusing as with other autofocus camera phones, there’s none of the usual auto-focus shutter delay and image quality isn’t up to autofocus standards. Image quality is similar to the T-Mobile Wing and not quite as good as the 8525. The Mogul is guilty of severe over-sharpening to the point that actual detail is sometimes obliterated by JPEG sharpening artefacts, even when the quality (and thus sharpening) is turned down. Sharpening is especially noticeable in foreground objects, with background objects (in landscape type shots) lacking detail and clarity. Colours tend toward the cyan: in our sample photos, the Buddha is dark grey with no hint of blue and the pool is not the electric blue seen in the photo. But as camera phones go, it’s not a disaster, though it’s not one of the top US 2.0 MP camera phones on the market today.”

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