Helio Ocean Reviews

CNET reviews the Helio Ocean and writes, “The Ocean has a 2.0-megapixel camera with plenty of settings. They include eight resolutions (up to 1600×1200), eight shot modes, three quality settings, five white balance settings, a self-timer of up to 10 seconds, five colour effects, photo frames, four different preview modes, and the choice of internal or external storage. Photo quality was admirable, with sharp edges and crisp colours, though low-light photos appeared a bit dull and grainy. … The Helio Ocean is a great beginner smart phone with a fantastic array of multimedia features and Internet capabilities that is sure to please both consumers and mobile professionals.”

Slashgear reviews the Helio Ocean and writes, “Ocean CAN multi-task, but does only for specific apps. The IMS client is always running in the background. You can surf the web while listening to music. Etc. It’s just that Ocean was designed to multi-task around specific use cases. Remember, it’s not a smartphone (but it’s starting to blur the lines between a featurephone and a smartphone).”

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