Apple iPhone Reviews

Walt Mossberg reviews the Apple iPhone and comments, “The iPhone is missing some features common on some competitors. There’s no instant messaging, only standard text messaging. While its two megapixel camera took excellent pictures in our tests, it can’t record video. Its otherwise excellent Web browser can’t fully utilize some Web sites, because it doesn’t yet support Adobe’s Flash technology. Although the phone contains a complete iPod, you can’t use your songs as ringtones. There aren’t any games, nor is there any way to directly access Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Apple says it plans to add features to the phone over time, via free downloads, and hints that some of these holes may be filled.”

Newsweek reviews the Apple iPhone and writes, “The 2-megapixel camera works decently (though I sometimes hit the shutter unintentionally). It’s easy to send a picture, make it your wallpaper or—this is neat—assign it to a contact. (It would have been nicer to have one-touch posting to Flickr, Facebook, etc.) Photo display is terrific, and using the Photos application you swipe from one picture to the next, and can watch in either vertical or landscape mode. Other programs, like the stock ticker, weather and calculator, are useful and visually pleasing, but not groundbreaking additions.”

The NYTimes reviews the Apple iPhone and writes, “The two-megapixel camera takes great photos, provided the subject is motionless and well lighted (samples are at But it can’t capture video. And you can’t send picture messages (called MMS) to other cellphones. Apple says that the battery starts to lose capacity after 300 or 400 charges. Eventually, you’ll have to send the phone to Apple for battery replacement, much as you do now with an iPod, for a fee.”

USA Today reviews the Apple iPhone and writes, “Pictures look fabulous on iPhone. The device syncs images stored on iPhoto software on the Mac or a designated picture folder on a Windows PC. … IPhone comes with a decent 2-megapixel digital camera. But it lacks a flash or zoom and doesn’t let you shoot video. Taking pictures is a tad awkward. … Battery life didn’t prove to be a big problem in my unscientific tests — a mix of calling, surfing, listening and watching. Still, it’s a good idea to charge it overnight. You receive warnings when you have just 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% of power remaining. You can charge the phone in its dock, through the supplied plug or through an iPod accessory.”

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