Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W50 reviews

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W50 Steves Digicams has written a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W50 review and write: “The Sony Cyber-shot W50 is a good all-around performer. Weighing-in at just under 6 ounces (including battery and Memory Stick Duo), the W50 is both pocketable and stylish while still providing the optical viewfinder that its competitors frequently omit. With very good image quality, 6-megapixels of resolution, versatile sensitivity range, high-quality movies and an MSRP of under $250, the Sony DSC-W50 is a very good value. If you like the W50’s features and image quality but prefer to spend a bit less, consider the W30; it sports a smaller 2-inch LCD without brightness adjustment for about $20 less.”

CNET has posted a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W50 review and write: “Your budget would have to be really tight to pass over the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W50 in favour of the Sony DSC-W30. The two cameras are identical with a single exception: The DSC-W50’s 2.5-inch LCD is a full half inch larger then the DSC-W30’s. Otherwise, the W50 sports the same stats as its little brother. Both are 6-megapixel ultra-compact cameras with 3X optical zoom lenses. They share the same body design, control layout, and feature set. At less than 4 inches long and not quite an inch thick, the 6.8-ounce DSC-W50 is a compact, easily pocketable point-and-shoot camera.”

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