Samsung NV10 Camera Reviews

GearDigest has a review of the Samsung NV10 camera and writes, “There’s a lot to recommend the Samsung NV10. A 10 megapixel camera in a sleek compact form factor for $350 (list) represents a fairly good value. The innovative user interface is fairly intuitive, but the user manual leaves a lot to be desired. A novice photographer will experience a steeper learning curve due to skimpy documentation, and more experienced photographers may want a camera that has shutter and aperture priority modes as well as a manual focus, features all missing in the NV10. Of course pricing on the web varies greatly, but for approximately the same amount of money, I’d prefer the HP Photosmart R967.”

Megapixel has a review of the Samsung NV10 camera and writes, “The Samsung NV10 is a camera that must be tamed. It takes time to get accustomed to its interface. But once used to it, it can prove to be fast to use, and possibly faster to use than any of the other systems used on other compact cameras. Equipped with a solid group of scene modes, the NV10 also offers a Manual mode that makes it even more versatile. So, while staying within the bounds imposed by the characteristics and intended use of the camera, the NV10 can produce good images that will easily generate bright and vibrant prints.”

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