Samsung GX-10 Reviews

Samsung GX-10 Trusted Reviews has reviewed the Samsung GX-10 and concludes, “The Samsung GX-10, and presumably by extension the Pentax K10D as well, proves yet again that the digital SLR market isn’t a two-horse race. This camera provides more versatility in its innovative shooting modes, more image quality in its processing engine and faster performance from its high-speed electronics than anything the competition have to offer in this class. Add the rugged durability of the weatherproof body and you have a photographic tool that any keen photographer will quickly learn to love. Just make sure you keep the body cap on when you’re not using it.”

DCResource has a review of the Samsung GX-10 and finishes with, “The GX-10 ($999) is Samsung’s third digital SLR. Like the other two (the GX-1S and GX-1L), the GX-10 is based on a Pentax camera — in this case, the Pentax K10D. The differences between the GX-10 and the K10 are subtle changes in the user interface (menus and buttons), RAW support (the GX-10 only supports one RAW format: DNG), and the software bundle. … With the same sensor, image processor, and firmware, the GX-10’s photo quality and performance is identical to that of the K10D. In terms of photo quality, this means that the GX-10 has mediocre straight-out-of-the-box JPEG quality (which can be fixed if you tweak some settings), and great RAW image quality. … Since the Samsung GX-10 and Pentax K10D are 99% identical, is there any reason to buy one over the other? Not particularly. Yeah, the K10D is the only one with a battery grip, but that should change shortly according to Samsung. My advice is to buy the one you can get the best deal on.”

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