Ricoh Caplio R6 Reviews

Ricoh Caplio R6Trusted Reviews has reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R6 and writes, “Despite its compact design the lens performs extremely well, producing very little distortion at the wide angle end with good corner sharpness. In almost all exposure situations the metering system performed superbly, coping with high contrast, backlighting, bright colours and low light with equal precision. There was a small amount of purple fringing visible on some high-contrast shots with burned-out highlights, but very little compared to some other cameras, and none at all on most shots. High ISO noise control was also generally good, I would say slightly above average for its class. From 64-200 ISO there was very little noise even on long-exposure shots, 400-800 ISO were noisy but usable, while 1600 ISO was quite noisy and best avoided, as is usually the case. … The Ricoh Caplio R6 is a fantastically versatile all-round camera, an improvement in almost every way on the already impressive R5, offering a winning combination of style, build quality, performance and image quality. It is loaded with more features than almost any other camera on the market, and certainly more than any other in its price range. I would happily buy a Caplio R6 myself.”

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